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Video Producion

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We produce videos. More specifically we offer a full-scale video production services. 
Our team don't just create high quality, professional, videos.  We strategically produce videos for businesses just like yours that want to boost sales, generate a flood of leads, promote an event, or fund-raise.  
We knows how to capture the attention of your market and know what to do with it once we have it.  We can communicate the benefits of your product or service in a way that makes people salivate for what you're selling.  Our videos are  entertaining and emotionally engaging with universal appeal.  You want a competitive advantage. 
You want AFTV5! 
Let's chat about getting your project started today! Clik below to contact us with you project.
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Promotional Videos

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The importance of video in content marketing is growing rapidly. Capturing people's attention can be difficult, which is why it is crucial to make a memorable impression fast, and we're here to help! 
We create captivating and engaging content for your brand, product or service - ideal for your website, social media accounts or even physical promotional installations. We'll create you content in a variety of formats to suit your needs for any platform that you require.
If you want your production process to be handled with a personal touch from concept through to completion, then we’d love to get to know you and your business to get to work on solving your creative niggles!
We understand that every project is different, and your requirements may complex, but don't hesitate to drop us a line and then we can build a Customized package to suit your specific needs. 
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Social Media Marketing

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If you wish to stay focused on what you do best: your products/services, we offer a social media management service that includes:
  • Strategy development
  • Content creation for all your social media networks, focused on delivering real VALUE
  • Post Scheduling
  • Paid adverts management
  • Daily monitoring – responding to comments and questions and encouraging connection
  • Advice on your overall online presence (website, email marketing, etc)
  • Reporting
  • Regular contact on AFTV5
What do you get from working with us?
Tailored For Your Business: We creating tailored strategies for each client. W’ll take care of your social media presence. No more spending time trying tons of different stuff: with us you’ll get more results because the focus is on what matters.
Overall online presence: We have a successful background in other areas too, such as: email marketing
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